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Ms. Bindman’s third and newest CD issued by the MSR Classics label – her rendition of Tchaikovsky’s lyrical cycle "The Seasons" and two bravura piano transcriptions of his music to Eugene Onegin – is now available in stores and online. It may also be purchased through this website, along with two more recordings by Ms. Bindman on the Windsor Classics label: a solo piano CD of the works of Modeste Mussorgsky, and a Duo Piano CD featuring American and English classics from the early 20th century.

Included in Ms. Bindman’s debut recording, Three Works by Modeste Mussorgsky, are his famous masterpiece “Pictures at an Exhibition,” Ms. Bindman’s piano transcription of his orchestral tone poem “A Night on Bald Mountain” and the composer’s own piano arrangement of a lesser-known orchestral sketch, “Intermezzo in Classical Style.” This recording reflects Ms. Bindman’s passion for Mussorgsky’s music as well as her interest in the piano’s capability to assume the guise of a full symphony orchestra, as all three pieces exist in both instrumentations. The artist’s own piano rendition of “A Night on Bald Mountain” is a faithful version of the original. It is published by Carl Fischer, Inc.

“Out of the Blue” is an exciting recording celebrating Ms. Bindman’s 10-year partnership with the other half of the piano team Duo Vivace, Ms. Susan Sobolewski.
The centerpiece of this release is Gustav Holst’s 2-piano transcription of “The Planets” – a substantial effort for all involved and a revealing example of how the texture of an orchestral work can come through with unexpected clarity via two well-coordinated keyboards. Framing “The Planets” are two 4-hand jewels: the delightful “Candide Overture” of Leonard Bernstein and Gershwin’s deservedly ever-popular “Rhapsody in Blue.”

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Waltz & Polonaise from "Eugene Onegin

Audio Samples:
10. October: "Autumn Song"
11. November: "In the Troika"

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Intermezzo in Modo Classico
Pictures at an Exhibition
A Night on Bald Mountain

Audio Samples:
4. Promenade: The Tuileries
10. A Night on Bald Mountain

DUO VIVACE– Eleonor Bindman & Susan Sobolewski
Out of the Blue

Audio Sample:
1. Overture to "Candide"